Our chosen modern foreign language is French. The principle aim of MFL at St George’s is to deliver a high-quality languages curriculum, which fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world. Our curriculum will enable pupils to make substantial progress in the French language, providing an appropriate balance of spoken and written language to lay the foundations for further foreign language teaching at Key Stage Three.

At St George’s, we aim to capture the children’s interests, creating an enthusiasm for language learning across the school within supporting, motivating and inspiring lessons, where all pupils are aware of its importance within the curriculum but also its role within their own future.


The MFL curriculum in St George’s C of E School is taught using a published scheme Kapow. This takes children through topic areas such as colours, weather, animals and homes.

French is taught from year 3 through to year 6 and the children are given the opportunity to develop skills in speaking and listening, reading, writing, grammar, language learning strategies and intercultural understanding.

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